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Our motherland Bangladesh is entering its 50 years of victory. Fifty years may not be a long time for the overall development of a country, but it is not a small number in terms of time. But sadly, our new generation does not know the true history of this country even in this long time. Attempts have been made at various times to distort great history.

In that context, we, the PUBLICIAN wants to know how much our new generation, especially university level students, have an idea about Bangladesh. We came to know our capabilities and challenges from the beginning, so we are willing to organize such events in future.

On that note, PUBLICIAN is going to organize a public event, Bangladesh Olympiad 2020 to mark the 50th anniversary of the victory. Following the Olympiad, the young generation will be interested to know about Bangladesh.

There will be an opportunity to know the exact history of the country. The youth are the future of a nation, they need to step forward to preserve our great history and celebrate our achievements. Bangladesh Olympiad 2020 is going to be the baby step and a little contribution to that.

Event Roadmap

Participants: Any student, currently studying into School, College or University can participate into this Olympiad.


Starts at November 18
Ends at December 10
Registration Fee: 50/- TK only

Note: To complete the registration successfully, you must pay the registration fee.


Exam date: December 14th, 2020
Exam date and time will be emailed to the participants.
Exam will be held on this website.
Result: 16 December

Mark Distribution (MCQ)

Ancient Bangla : 05
Language Movement & Liberation War : 10
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman : 05
Socio Cultural Perspective of Bangladesh : 05
Economy of Bangladesh : 05
Diplomacy of Bangladesh : 05
Education of Bangladesh: 05
Tourism of Bangladesh: 05
Sports of Bangladesh : 05

Win Exciting Prizes!!!

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2nd Prize
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1st Prize
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3rd Prize
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Air Ticket (Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka)

4th-6th Prize:

Premium Course (1,500/- TK each)

7th-8th Prize:

Gift Hamper (1000/- TK each)

9th-20th Prize:

Book (500 /- TK each )

For all Participants:

A certificate of Participation

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About the event organizer

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PUBLICIAN is a community based platform, which works for the student in the sector of higher education. It was formed in 14 January 2018, with the vision to develop students’ skill, career, research and other opportunities.

Now we have some 3.5 lakhs of members, who are students of public universities of Bangladesh. Though PUBLICIAN is a Facebook page, but it started its journey with some proper plans and for that, it becomes a one of the most popular Facebook pages among young people and university students.

The people behind the page are working hard with an effort to get students of all levels acquainted with various developmental activities, not just online communication

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